Driving Innovation: RMS making noise in the tech sector to better Cat Risk Management

Back in September of 2013, Alex Barnett stood on a stage in Mission Bay-CA at the closing award ceremonies of the Tech Crunch Disrupt Hackathon. Barnett, a freshly minted VP of developer relations with the catastrophe modeling firm RMS wasn’t there to speak to the catastrophic losses from Hurricane Sandy a year prior or forecast the damage potential from a Loma Prieta quake repeat. (more…)


SPC launching enhanced Convective Outlook guidance for 2014

Why focus on the sub-zero temps in the Midwest and blanketing snow in the Northeast when we can start to think about the next big weather risk headed our way; Severe Thunderstorms!

During last weeks 2014 Weather and Climate Summit in Breckinridge, Dr. Russ Schneider, Director of the Storm Prediction Center (SPC), presented a new structure implementation for the 2014 severe weather season. (more…)